Mahou web app design

Usability and user interface

This project focuses on the creation of a platform for Mahou, where pre-loaded debit cards will be given as a reward for the purchase of Mahou products or any current promotion. Once users acquire the card, they will be able to enter the platform, enter the card data and their own data in a form with a series of steps to activate and use it.

Figma prototype


The design and development of the "Mahou Tarjetas" platform has been an exciting and challenging project. Our main mission was to create a directional funnel that condenses all relevant information, providing users with a simple and efficient management experience. We focused on integrating the colors of Mahou's identity to maintain visual coherence.

The problem

The lack of a clear and easy-to-use platform to activate and manage the cards was an obvious challenge. The need to simplify the process and provide an intuitive user experience drove our focus on reorganizing elements to facilitate the management of pre-loaded debit cards.


The interface was designed with an aesthetic that reflects Mahou's identity. We implemented a directional funnel that guides the user through an efficient card activation and usage process. Simplicity and ease of management were the cornerstones of our design approach.


We developed a clean and modern design, with visual elements that highlight the Mahou brand. We introduced intuitive tools and a step-by-step form to activate the card and facilitate its use. The color palette stayed true to Mahou's identity, ensuring a visual experience consistent with the brand.


The development process of the "Mahou Cards" platform was a meticulous and strategic journey to ensure that every aspect met quality standards and user needs. We started with a deep dive into the intricacies of the preloaded card system, thoroughly studying UX/UI trends in the rewards program arena. Our mission was to go beyond simple functionality and create an experience that would delight users from the first click.

We organized brainstorming sessions that involved designers, engineers and user experience experts. Multidisciplinary collaboration was essential to conceive new functionalities and refine the aesthetic direction of the platform. We created wireframes and detailed prototypes that not only served as tangible models to visualize the proposed enhancements, but were also used in intensive functionality testing.

As development progressed, the focus was on integrating visual and functional elements that reflected the essence of Mahou. The color palette was carefully selected to align with the brand identity, and every detail of the design was fine-tuned to deliver a consistent and engaging visual experience.

Figma prototype

Model users

The model user phase was a crucial milestone in the development of "Mahou Tarjetas". We recruited a diverse group representing a wide range of potential user profiles. Through interactive sessions, these users interacted with earlier versions of the platform. Their reactions and feedback were meticulously recorded, identifying areas for improvement and highlights in the user experience.

We focused on understanding user needs and expectations through in-depth interviews. Valuable input from model users was the catalyst for significant adjustments to the platform. Simplified process flows, improved personalization and optimized navigation were direct results of this user-centric approach.

To validate the implemented improvements, we again invited model users to test the updated platform. Their positive feedback and significant reduction in friction points were strong indicators of a successful design focused on user needs. This iterative collaborative process ensured that "Mahou Cards" not only met, but exceeded end-user expectations.


After multiple iterations and refinements, we present an improved and highly functional "Mahou Cards" platform. The fusion of a contemporary design with an optimized user experience has elevated the management of preloaded cards to new levels. Users enjoy easier and more enjoyable interaction, resulting in increased satisfaction and engagement. This dedicated focus on development and collaboration with users has resulted in a platform that not only fulfills its purpose, but also exceeds end-user expectations.

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